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Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Private Prayer for Palestine

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What is there is say about Palestine? It is a deplorable situation, most likely consciously created to prevent Arab unity or development during the period of invaluable resource extraction. There's also the bit about the politics of religion.

The reality isn't pretty. The West will not back down until the oil is gone. The Arabs cannot back down because they are already against the wall.

History is easy to read: Malcolm X got a bullet. MLK jr got drug-ridden ghettos. In SA Mandela brought far greater poverty and the entrenchment of an economic exsanguination of political power. Mossadegh? Allende? JFK, for that matter.

Yes, it sux in Palestine. Maybe the West even covertly armed Fatah recently, prompting the Hamas actions of late. What should we say about it, other than a private prayer?

The way forward (my brothers) is to work toward democracy at home. The U.S. cannot seat its own elected President, but we should have the hubris to think we can control Gaza? Get real!