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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

G. Tenet

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JS: "No matter what you guys came up with intelligence-wise... we were going to war with Iraq."
GT: "They make decisions on the basis of lots of other issues."

Read: The War was never about disarming Iraq.

What other issues?

* Not WMD
* Not Osama
* Not democracy
* Not security from "terror"

The power players "on both sides of the aisle" knew all this. They mostly hitched their fortunes to The War.

* Were they all too stupid?
* Were they all too cynical?
* Were they all too greedy?
* Were they all too corrupt?
* If they were all too afraid (remember the Brit intel who spoke out, then bled out), what should we conclude about this G. Tenet spectacle?

Shouldn't we analyze and consider the reasons they created The War before (or at least while) we act to stop it?

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