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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"One Side Can Be Wrong"

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Uh, both sides could wrong. And would somebody crank up the color, cuz this black & white nonsense gives me a headache.

I am shocked that Richard Dawkins would lend his name to this article.

What important issues in life are binary? To be or not to be? Only those too lazy and unimaginative to form their own opinions could possibly accept this formulation.

I expect more from Richard Dawkins (though sadly not of the Guardian) than to participate in this manichaean brainwashing.

The meaning of "Jesus" is certainly not binary.

Manichaean propaganda is surely a relevant and important issue, and dualism is inherent in the title and opening paragraphs of this article.

Science is a unary proposition. "I assert that these methods provide the most reliable means to discover physical truth." Yes, it is either right or wrong -- but there are assuredly not two sides.

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